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400 Amp Motion Picture

1. Generator - 150 kVA, 400A, 3Ø 120/208 VAC

2. Cam-type Spider Box (DB400BP-WWW-S3) 

3. 4/0 AWG Type SC (5)Wire Cam-Type Extensions

4. 400A 3Ø Motion Picture Box

5. 4/0 AWG Type SC (5) Wire Banded Cam-Type Extensions

6. 100A 3Ø Motion Picture Box with Tails (DBS100DT-B4BI2)

7.100-250A Adjustable Breaker Box (DB250LP-AWB-S3)

8. 100A to (2) 60A Splitter (SP100-60)

9. #2 AWG Type SC (5) Wire Banded Cam-Type Extensions

10. 200A 3Ø Motion Picture Box (DB200A-A4061FT)

11. Rubber Lunch Box (DBS100FP-B4B2)

12. 6K, 12K, & 24K Portable Single Dimmers (FD1-6K, FD1-12K, FD1-24K) 

13. 100A Brick (DB100A-520)

14. 60A Brick (DB60A-C03320)

15. 6K, 12K, & 24K Lights