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1200 Amp Power Input Panel
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1200 Amp Power Input Panel

Ordering Information

Specific model numbers for 1200 Amp Delta 208Y/120V operation:

  • PGIP1200-CRG15EI-S3 (Black, Red, Blue)
  • PGIP1200-CRG15EI-S3-BOY (Brown, Orange, Yellow)
  • PGIP1200-CRG15EI-S3-BBB (All Black)

Specific model numbers for 1200 Amp Wye 240V operation:

  • PGIP1200-CRG12DI-S3 (Black, Red, Blue)
  • PGIP1200-CRG12DI-S3-BOY (Brown, Orange, Yellow)
  • PGIP1200-CRG12DI-S3-BBB (All Black)


PowerGATE Power Input Panels are permanently mounted outside a building. A portable generator is connected to the panel using 4/0 feeder cable with Cam-type Series 16 connectors. The PowerGATE Power Input Panel is permanently connected to a transfer switch used to safely switch the building electrical supply from utility line power to the portable generator.


  • PGIP120-CRG15EI-S3 (applies to series)
  • Rating: 1200 Amp, 3 Phase, 4 Pole, 3 Delta 208Y/120 VAC or 1200 Amp, Wye 240 VAC
  • Environmental Rating: TYPE 3R Rainproof
  • Input: (3) Sets of (5) 16 Series Cam-type color coded panel mount inlets
  • Output: Copper Bus Bar with 1/2" Holes
  • Enclosure: Powder coated 12 gauge galvanized steel
  • Overall Dimensions: 56.00"H x 34.75" W x 28.00" D
  • Weight: 485lbs.

Features & Benefits

  • The PowerGATE Power Input Panel is safe, convenient and economical means of connecting emergency generator power to a building, in conjunction with a transfer switch
  • Cables with 16 Series Cam-type Connectors can connect directly to the inputs, saving crucial time in emergency situations
  • Cables drop downward for lowest profile against wall
  • Tamper proof design limits access to connected cables
  • Weatherproof construction for installation on building exterior ensures long life
  • Dead front panel covers all exposed electrical parts for added safety
  • Individual cabl holes restrict access reducing theft

Markets Served

Generator Rental, Industrial, Construction, Disaster Relief