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PowerFLEX™ Welding Ground (Work) Extensions
P/N: PF2/0FP-3-LC300-LC40M-BLK PF2/0FP-6-LC300-LC40M-BLK PF2/0FP-50-LC300-LC40M-BLK ______________________________ PF1/0FP-3-LC300-LC40M-BLK PF1/0FP-6-LC300-LC40M-BLK PF1/0FP-50-LC300-LC40M-BLK
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PowerFLEX™ Welding Ground (Work) Extensions


Construction, Shipbuilding & Repair, Pipeline, Restoration, Transporation Structure Build & Repair, Automotive, Machine Build & Repair

Features & Benefits

  • EPDM jacketed flexible cable that is resistant to harsh environments.
  • Lenco devices for a secure connection
  • 30 gauge copper stranding for flexibility

Markets Served

Shipbuilding, Generator Rental, Oil & Gas, Construction, Restoration, Electrical Distributor, Industrial market