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Industrial Products & Solutions

PowerGATE™ Company Switches PowerGATE™ Company Switches
PowerHOUSE™ Temporary / Portable Power Distribution PowerHOUSE™ Temporary / Portable Power Distribution
A full range of power distribution systems from 20 Amps to 400 Amps. These products are durable, safe, long lasting and deliver power where and when it is needed.
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PowerFLEX™ Cable Assemblies PowerFLEX™ Cable Assemblies
Lex Products cable assemblies start with proprietary cables which utilize the latest compounds for the right combination of durability and flexibility. The world’s finest connectors are then attached with state-of-the-art processes, expertise and quality.
PowerGATE™ Panels PowerGATE™ Panels
PowerGATE™ Panels provides safe, convenient and economical means of connecting emergency generator power in conjunction with a transfer switch. 16 Series Cam-type panel mount devices inside the panel provide for input connection from a generator and hard wire connections for output in conjunction with a transfer switch.
PowerRAMP® Cable Crossovers PowerRAMP® Cable Crossovers
PowerRAMP products are ideal for indoor or outdoor industrial and entertainment applications, and include 5-channel crossovers, 45˚ left and right turn units and end boots for optimum design flexibility.
LuxCommander® Portable Work Lights LuxCommander® Portable Work Lights
Lex Products’ LuxCommander® Portable Work Lights available in LED or fluorescent lamps feature a Patented design and deliver three times the light output of conventional work lights for brighter and safer work sites. Typical uses include manufacturing, inspection and maintenance applications for industrial, aircraft/aerospace, marine/shipyards, temporary emergency shelters and utility markets.
PowerPARTS™ Wiring Devices PowerPARTS™ Wiring Devices
An assortment of wiring devices to suit a variety of electrical needs. Choose from our wide range of products for extreme durability and reliability.