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100 Amp 3 Phase Pagoda to L21-20 Locking Receptacles
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100 Amp 3 Phase Pagoda to L21-20 Locking Receptacles


This box may be powered from a generator, a panel or a larger distribution box. This distribution box can be used at outdoor events to provide 20 Amp locking receptacle power. The locking receptacles help ensure positive connection and prevent disconnecting under load. The receptacles can be used to power lights, effects and audio equipment.


  • Rating: 100 Amp, 3 Phase (H,H,H,N,G), 4 Pole, 5 Wire, 120/208Y VAC
  • Environmental Rating: NEMA 3R Weather Resistant
  • Input: (1) set of (5) 16 Series Cam-type color-coded panel mount inlets
  • Output: (5) NEMA L21-20, 20 Amp, 3 Phase, 4 Pole, 5 Wire, 120/208Y VAC locking receptacles
  • Feed Thru: None
  • Overcurrent Protection: (5) 20 Amp, 3 Pole branch-rated circuit breakers
  • Overall Dimensions: 14.25” L x 14.25” W x 14.15” H
  • Weight: 32 lbs

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty molded rubber enclosure is fully insulated and resistant to shock, impact and corrosion.
  • Circuit breakers are mounted under hinged lid for enhanced safety.
  • Stackable and compact for easy storage and portability.
  • Elevated base keeps receptacles above ground level.

Markets Served

  • Live Events
  • Convention Centers
  • Industrial