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200 Amp Company Switch Type 3R Weatherproof
P/N: CS-200F-C6DS3
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200 Amp Company Switch Type 3R Weatherproof

Ordering Information

200 Amp Type 3R Company Switch, sand color, 6-wire.

200 Amp Type 3R Company Switch, sand color, 6-wire, reverse ground neutral.

For 5 wire, replace 6 with 5.
For black finish, add suffix-BLK


Company Switches provide enhanced safety and convenience when connecting temporary 3 Phase power to portable equipment such as dimmer racks, audio racks and motor controls.


  • Rating: 200 Amp, 3 Phase, 120/208VAC 65,000 AIC Electronic Main Breaker, 100% Rated
  • Output: (6) 16 Series Cam-type devices: Black - phase, Blue - phase, Red - phase, White (2) - neutral, Green - ground
  • Construction: Powder coated 14 Gauge CRS
  • Dimensions: 38.50" H x 20.27" W x 12.91" D
  • Weight:

Features & Benefits

  • The Lex PowerGATE™ Company Switches feature both Cam-type connectors and lugs, to accommodate both connection styles in one compact, connection chamber for ultimate flexibility
  • The connection chamber door is lockable and is also interlocked to the main breaker ensuring that no connections can be made or broken under load to ensure safe operation
  • Both Cam and lug connections are behind the access door, eliminating accidental disconnection, unauthorized access and/or tampering with connections
  • Because the PowerGATE™ Company Switch has one wiring chamber instead of two, the unit is far more compact
  • The unique arrangement of the Cam and lug combination allows for both sets of cables to drape downward for a lower profile against the wall, reducing trip hazards
  • An integral LED worklight is provided in the connection chamber for ease of connection and enhanced safety
  • Type 3R cabinet can be installed outdoors for power connections to temporary equipment outside the building

Markets Served

  • Theatre
  • Convention Centers
  • Studios
  • Theme Parks
  • Recreation Facilities