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Digital to 0-10VDC Demultiplexer
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Digital to 0-10VDC Demultiplexer

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The Lex Products PCS TRIO™ Digital to 0-10VDC Demultiplexer is a wall-mounted device that converts digital signals into 16 channels of analog control voltage. The device is designed to work in concert with PCS TRIO™ relays for the control of fully isolated LED fixtures requiring mains switching and 0-10VDC dimming as well as Mark VII type electronic fluorescent ballasts.

The Demulitplexer is an accessory of the PCS TRIO™ line, a revolution in power management by controlling power to Incandescent Loads, LEDs, Moving Lights and other applicable equipment. 

Markets Served

  • Theatres
  • Studios
  • Convention Centers
  • Houses of Worship
  • Schools & Universities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Auditoriums