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XLR Shielded Data Cables - RFU
P/N: RFU-5-MM RFU-10-MM RFU-25-MM RFU-50-MM RFU-75-MM RFU-100-MM
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XLR Shielded Data Cables - RFU

Ordering Information

For custom cable lengths, please call Lex Products at 1.800.643-4460.


  • Type: XLR RFU
  • Male Connectors: 6 Pin Switchcraft® Compatible Neutrik® (black/gold)
  • Cable: 3 Pair Twisted & Shield, 22 AWG black Polyurethane jacket
  • Female Connectors: 6 Pin XLR Switchcraft® Neutrik® (black/gold)

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty tour-grade polyurethane jacket offers dependability and long life
  • Rugged Neutrik black/gold connectors provide most reliable long-lasting connections
  • Water and UV resistant, suitable for outdoor use
  • Customer name and/or color code applied to cable at no extra charge
  • Extra flexible for ease-of-use