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PCS TRIO™ Decibel Dampener

September 15, 2016

Lex Products introduces the Decibel Dampener, the latest addition to the PCS TRIO™ Accessories line.  An easily installed cowling, the Decibel Dampener is  used to diminish the operating sound generated by the PCS TRIO™ Module Chamber.

Installations to date of the revolutionary PCS TRIO™ Power Control Solution have occurred in facilities looking to upgrade an existing space with latest in power distribution technology. Where PCS TRIO™ is physically located is often not determined by what is ideal for operation but rather what is practical for the facility.  Some systems have even been installed within the same footprint as the devices they replaced.  While the patent-pending plenum design of the PCS TRIO™ Install System utilizes natural heat convection to minimize the burden placed on cooling fans, it does not eliminate the need for fans entirely. 

“What we discovered in the field was that the PCS TRIO™ had the potential to be mounted in noise-sensitive environments where its operation might be unacceptably perceptible.”, says Pat O’Keefe, Market Manager, Entertainment. “The Decibel Dampener improves the system’s audible signature and expands those places where it may be located.”

The PCS TRIO™ Decibel Dampener fits on the top of the Module Chamber without the use of tools.  The 18 gauge black powder-coated steel housing is lined with lightweight Melamine insulation that reduces audible emissions while ensuring proper air flow clearance.

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