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Cat 6 Touring Cable

September 08, 2016

Cat 6 Touring CableLex Products introduces the Cat 6 Touring Shielded Cable assembly, a heavy-duty tour-grade extension
that is suitable for use in demanding locations.

Over the last few years the use of network-based platforms for data transmission within the Entertainment
market has grown tremendously. With the increasing demands placed on Ethernet protocols within the
lighting, audio and video fields the worry that existing standards are reaching their saturation points must
be addressed. Category 6 (Cat 6) is an established platform that utilizes standard twisted pair cable for expanded data transmission while remaining backwards compatible with Category 5/5e and Category 3 standards currently in use.

"The need, as expressed by our customers, is not only for a line of Cat 6 extensions to meet industry needs as it expands, but one that is rugged enough for use in touring applications. In response, Lex Products has developed a ruggedized Cat 6 extension for less-than-ideal environments", says Patrick O'Keefe, Market Manager, Entertainment.“

The Cat 6 Touring Grade Cable possesses a unique structure that keeps 23AWG twisted pairs fixed and properly spaced within a tinned copper braid shield that optimizes data transfer along the entire length of the cable. Dual layers of polyurethane jacket improve abrasion resistance and continuous bending cycles.

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