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Reiny Luther Retires from Lex Products Corp.

May 05, 2005

Reiny Luther is retiring as Chief Engineer of Lex Products Corp. after 13 years of service. "From the day we first put a connector on a piece of cable, my Dad has been a constant influence, establishing the engineering principles of the company," said Bob Luther, CEO of Lex Products.
Reiny was uniquely qualified to guide the engineering efforts of the company, having previously served as Chief Distribution Engineer for Northeast Utilities, the electrical utility in Connecticut. Reiny was responsible for the cable layout for all the power plants in Connecticut, including several nuclear facilities. He was in charge of the first cable installation across Long Island Sound and also served as Chairman of the Insulated Conductors Committee of IEEE.
Reiny was working as a private consultant to the Utility Industry when he joined Lex Products in 1992.
"When Bruce and I got involved in Portable Power Distribution boxes and other electrical equipment, it was truly a luxury to have my Dad involved. The re is nothing in our industry as complicated as a Nuclear Power Plant. Cable sizing, phase rotation, wire bending space, heat rise, load transfer, etc; all of these issues were handled with a remarkable degree of expertise," added Bob.
In anticipation of his retirement, Reiny and his wife have made extensive travel plans in the Western U.S. "We at Lex want to wish Reiny a fantastic time on his trips and congratulate him on his 'second' retirement," said Bruce Allen, President of Lex. "Of course, any time he wants to come back and lend some expertise, he's always welcome," added Bruce.
About Lex Products:
From 400 Amp Three Phase Portable distribution boxes made of indestructible rubber, to 15 Amp multi-outlet extension cords, Lex Products is an innovative, award-winning manufacturer of electrical and data products for theatre, live events, motion picture and convention centers. Lex Products offers a complete line of UL Listed PowerGate™ Company Switches, PowerPlus™ Connector Strips, distribution boxes, cable assemblies, including Feeder Cable and Multi-Cable, as well as data cables such as DMX, Ethernet, Color-Changer and RFU Cable. Over the years, Lex Products has won multiple awards, including 3 ETS-LDI Widget of the Year Awards for the E-String™ Multi-Outlet Extension Cord, the 19-pin Splitter and Front-of-House DataSnake™.
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