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Custom Engineered Solutions

Custom Engineered Power Distribution Custom Engineered Power Solutions Engineer

Can’t find a solution that fits your project needs?

The LEX CES Team can help!

Our team of skilled engineers and in-house experts partner with you to configure any existing LEX product or develop a custom solution specific to your application.

All our solutions adhere to strict NEC and UL standards (and any additional regulatory requirements specified). When a CES product is created, you get the resources of the entire LEX New Product Development teams behind you.

Why Custom Solutions?

Custom engineered solutions can be made for outdoor events, temporary relief, rental houses, shipyards and just about anywhere you would need portable power distribution specific to your company’s project.

Contact our team to start the consultation process and help us learn more about your CES Project.

Start by determining what your project looks like, is it a...

Configurable Product


Non-Configurable Product

I see an existing LEX product that would fit my needs with some changes, such as rubber distribution boxes, PowerRACKs or cable assemblies.

Select from below:


I don’t see an existing LEX product that fits my needs, or my needs are unique to what LEX offers.

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Our Capabilities

Multi-Axis CNC Machining Multi-Axis CNC Machining
Multi-Axis routers can custom create as many inputs and outputs as your power distribution unit needs.
Sheet Metal Fabrication Sheet Metal Fabrication
Sheet metal punches and presses that cut, stamp and shape a variety of dimensions in steel and aluminum.
Rubber Box Molding Machine Rubber Box Molding Machine
Our state of the art injection rubber thermoset molding machine allows complete control over the manufacturing process.
Sheet Metal Finishing Sheet Metal Finishing
Finish off a custom piece utilizing our powder coating capabilities and choose from an assortment of colors

Examples of Non-Configurable Products

150 KVA Step Down Transformer

A shipyard with 480 Volt power required access to multiple forms of equipment such as distribution equipment, welders, ventilation systems and grinders. This transformer provided step down power from 480 Volt to 120/208 Volt to more efficiently facilitate operations. Because of the size and weight, this customer required ways to transport this transformer via forklift and pad-eyes to move the unit by crane.

Project Highlights:

  • Safe, convenient and economical means of stepping down installed voltage to power devices for events, shut downs, cleaning/refurbing operations
  • Portable 3 phase transformer box with Individual outlet circuit protection
  • Product is able to be transported and lifted via welded pad eyes on top and fork lift pockets on bottom
  • Unit meets NEMA 3R requirements for outdoor environments

1600 Amp Power Input Panel

An industrial customer with several high-capacity generators had the need to retrofit buildings to accept emergency transfer power during outages and natural disasters. The Lex CES team used their UL compliance knowledge and best engineer practices to develop Power Input Panels with a current ampacity rating outside of Lex’s standard product offering.

Project Highlights:

  • The PowerGATE Power Input Panel is safe, convenient and economical means of connecting emergency generator power to a building, in conjunction with a transfer switch
  • Cables with 16 Series Cam-type Connectors can connect directly to the inputs, saving crucial time in emergency situations
  • Weatherproof construction for installation on building exterior ensures long life
  • Cables drop downward for lowest profile against wall