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Lex Products was founded in 1989 by CEO Bob Luther as a manufacturer’s representative selling electrical connectors and cables. While 1990s were a time of deep recession, Lex Products found early success in the entertainment market, by developing and distributing lines of connectors and cable for production applications.

During the mid-1990s, New York City experienced tremendous growth in the motion picture and video production market, which drove strong demand for great amounts of cable and connectors. As the need for pre-assembled cable and connectors rose, Lex Products established a manufacturing plant in Stamford, Connecticut, and leveraged the opportunity to manufacture cable assemblies to serve this market effectively.

In 1998, Lex Products revolutionized the U.S. portable power distribution box market by introducing the first rubber enclosures to the U.S. market. The rubber boxes gained popularity in the entertainment market for their durability and non-conductive characteristics. By 2002, the United States Military tapped Lex Products to manufacture power distribution boxes built with rubber enclosures to replace metal boxes.

In 2002, Lex Products introduced its first Company Switch, which earned a U.S. Patent for its design which offered enhanced safety and convenience.

By 2003, the company was named Official Manufacturer for the U.S. Marine Corps for its MEPDIS-R (Mobile Electric Power Distribution System – Replacement) project, which resulted in fast growth for Lex Products. This contract later garnered the company a 2007 David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award for exemplary innovation and best acquisition, technology and logistics practices and a contract renewal.

In 2004, the company acquired KMP to bring metal fabrication resources in-house, and two years later acquired Electrol Engineering Products as a way to expand company capabilities in the dimming and control product market.

Between 2007 and 2011, the company earned several more U.S. Patents and won numerous awards for innovation and technology including awards from ESTA, PLASA, The Defense Logistics Agency and other industry organizations. By 2011, the company expanded its presence to include three plants

In 2011, Lex Products made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing privately owned companies in the United States, and in 2012, the company was ranked as the 77th fastest growing company in the Inc. 5000 manufacturing segment.

Also in 2012, the company became ISO 9001:2008 certified for all production, operations and support services across its three facilities. Now headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, the company also has an office and manufacturing facility in Sun Valley, California.

Today, Lex Products is a leading U.S. manufacturer of innovative power distribution, lighting and control systems for demanding markets, including entertainment, industrial and the military.

Lex Products introduces the PowerFLEX™ PowerData Cable and wins ESTA Members Choice Award gadget of the year.

Lex Products celebrates 25 years of success

Lex Products acquires ATS Lighting and expands into portable work light market with LuxCommander Series.

Lex Products is ranked in the Inc. 5000 as the 77th fastest growing company in the Manufacturing segment.

Lex Products receives U.S. Patent #7,936,279 for Apparatus and Method of Illuminating Indicator Lights.

Lex Products is named "Company of the Year" by the Fairfield County chapter of The Association for Operations Managment (APICS).

LEX wins the Silver Hammer award for best renovation project in the valley by the Greater Valley Chamber of commerce. Read more

LEX moves into its new 54,000 square foot Corporate Headquarters in Shelton, Connecticut. Read more

LEX introduces the EverGrip® 19 Pin molded cable assembly with a 5 year warranty.

LEX wins the Silver medal for delivery excellence as a supplier to the Defense Logistics Agency.

LEX is awarded an R&D contract from the US Army to add intelligence to power distribution.

LEX introduces the 3Phase 3fer™ that wins ESTA widget of the year.

LEX is awarded a renewal contract to supply power distribution to the USMC.

Members of the US Marine Corps’ Mobile Electric Power Distribution Replacement Systems program receive the David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Award for exemplary innovation and best acquisition, technology or logistics practices. Lex Products was the company who partnered with the US Marine Corps to build and deliver the power distribution system.

Lex Products invents Lex-Loc™ cage clamp wiring device which saves installation time and ensures a perfect electrical connection and prevents overheating.

Lex Products acquires Ferra Tech, a manufacturer of audio cables in Los Angeles, expanding Lex’s market presence in the audio market and geographic presence on West Coast.

Lex Products acquires Electrol Engineering, expanding Lex’s in-house technical capability to include dimming and control.

Lex Products acquires KMP to bring metal fabrication capability in-house.

Lex Products introduces the Portable GFCI Protector™, the Orchestra E-String™ and the PowerPlus™ Connector Strip. Lex also introduces an entire new data product line, including DataSnake™ multi cables, and the DMX Tester among many other problem solving products.

US Marine Corps replaces their power distribution boxes with Lex’s boxes. Lex Products becomes the Official Manufacturer of the MEPDIS-R System. 

Lex introduces patented PowerGate™Company Switch (Patent #7,136,278 B2).

The US military units buy Lex’s rubber power distribution boxes to replace metal boxes.

Lex Products introduces the first rubber distribution boxes to the US. Lex sends a prototype rubber power distribution box to a large generator company, Kohler, who instantly buys the revolutionary design.

Lex Products introduces Two-fer Jr. – the first molded two-fer to use jr. hard service cord.

Lex Products begins producing cable assemblies when the New York film market switches from an ungrounded to grounded system.

Lex Products introduces the Entertainment Market – MTV and other cable channels – to the Bates® brand stage pin connector and as exclusive representative for Advanced Devices.

Lex introduces TempZone High Temp Cord for stage lighting applications to replace the original glass fiber cords which frayed over time (Product was replaced with Lex Tempflex High Temp Cord in 2002).

Lex Products introduces high temperature electrical cords to fast food market. Lex offers McDonald’s a high-temperature cord to eliminate equipment loss when hot portable toasters with standard electrical cords were stored after breakfast service.

Lex Products Corp. founded as a manufacturer's rep firm. The first lines are two little known connector companies and a specialty cable line.